Apple's best-selling bonds

Apple's best-selling bonds
Apple earned $ 17 billion through the sale of their bonds, the largest number ever recorded non-bank firms, to help plan payments to shareholders.
Last week, Apple said it will buy back U.S. $ 60 billion in stock, and increase profits to shareholders by 15%.
Apple bond sale - the first in two decades - was issued even though the company has a reserve fund of U.S. $ 145 billion.
However, most of the money was in an account outside the U.S. and will cut U.S. taxes if repatriated.
At the same time, interest rates in the U.S. are approaching record lows - to help lower the cost of raising funds for the company.
That means, low cost for Apple to raise funds by issuing bonds, interest payments will be interesting though.
'Whole hog all the desired'
The proceeds will be used to pay specifically for the shareholders in several years saw their stock value increased, but became frustrated in recent months.
Apple shares fell by nearly 40% after a record high in September last year.
Apple stock decline triggered by worries over the company's growth in the future, including the success of their competitors like Samsung are increasing share of smart phone and tablet market, previously dominated by Apple.
Earlier this month, Apple reported its first profit decline in the last 10 years.
Their net profit in the first quarter of 2013 amounted to U.S. $ 9.5 billion, down from U.S. $ 11.6 billion last year.
But the result was better than expected, with sales of the iPhone and iPad still dominates revenues of U.S. $ 43.6 billion.

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